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Blogspot:  Know Your Enemy
January 18, 2017 - Prepared by Ted Gunderson, Extremely informative!
The remaining information are notes I took when I watched

Dr. Gunderson's lecture

Illuminati Goals 1-25
1. Men are inclined to evil
2. Preach Liberalism
3. Freedom is an idea used to cause class wars
4. Any and all means should be used to reach goals (The End Justifies The Means concept)
5. Rights lie in force (concept)
6. Power of our resources (keep invisibl - until no force can undermine it) Maintain invisibility
7. Mob Psychology used to control the masses
8. Use alcohol or drugs and other forms of vice to systematically corrupt the youth of the Nation
CIA drug trafficking operations
Nena, AR - drug trafficking (example used - this was obviously a Clinton Operation.  They made $100 million a MONTH on drug trafficking alone when Bill Clinton was Governor in Arkansas.
Senator Allen Spector- a big Washington, DC phoney.  He held hearings on so called War Against Drugs. Deliberately had weak witnesses to help fuel the drug trafficking. Sen Spector had direct evidence from Mr. Gunderson about CIA fueling drug trafficking.  It was suppressed! Gunderson also had info on Oklahoma City bombing (another CIA operative - not Timothy McVay - media lied to us)
9. Seize property by any means - Farmers, businessmen, property is all being taken from illegal raids.  Seized so govt can make money off them. (Nebulus charges) (my note: So, maybe it wasn't Monsanto tearing down farms as much as it was the Illuminati attorneys)
10. Deal with slogans - for psychological warfare - break promises
Ie, Bill Clinton (he's a draft dodging, womanizing, pathological liar
11. War
12. Must use wealth and have candidates in public office who would be obedient to their demands and would be used as pawns in the game (book: Pawns In The Game, by William Guy Carr, an English-born Canadian naval officer and author.  He died October 2, 1959.  Also movie, "Fatal Vision", about Alena Stokely who did the real killing in the Dr. McDonald case (His wife and two daughters were brutally murdered and he was blamed. This is more than a loose knit network, it is a conspiracy with Washington DC coverts:  drugs, pedophilia including child kidnapping, porn, corruption. See this video and others:
https: // (last character maybe a zero,not sure) - published April 2016. Mr.Gunderson apparently was murdered by this secret Illuminati group thereafter.  Other videos are available on this)
Man behind the scenes. Advisors would have been bread, reared, and trained from childhood to rule the affairs of the world.
13. Control the Press.  Mainstream media is being controlled by the big power people. The phoney politicians, by the beurocrats, without any question about it.
14. Agentures come forward and appear to be the saviors when actually they are just the opposite - set up to kill the masses
15. Create industrial oppression and financial panic:  Unemployment, Hunger, Shortage of Food, Control the Masses (or mobs - use mobs to wipe out all those who dare to stand in the way), Market Crash (occurred in October and another predicted soon, to drop 2,000 points)
16. Infiltrate into the Secret Free Masonry, to be used for Illuminati purposes
17. Expound the value of systematic deception. Use high sounding slogans, advocate promises to the masses even though they cannot be kept (Bill Clinton,  George Bush at times). "Mr. A - talks about subliminal messages.  Note, the logo of the Republican Party is an elephant with 3 stars across the top.  If you look at it today, compared to 2 years+ ago, the stars have been inverted.  The points used to be at the top - now are at the bottom. Satanic, Subliminal message (inverted stars)
18. Detail plans for revolutions discussed. The out of street fighting, to bring the population to its feet of subjection.
19. Use their agentures as advisors behind the scenes after wars - secret diplomacy to gain control
20. Establish and use monopolies toward world government control
21. Use high taxes and unfair competition to bring about economic ruin by controlling raw materials, organized agitation among the workers in subsidizing competitors, (GAB, NAFTA)
22. Build up armements and fleets with soldiers to protect our interests. Note,11 agencies used to be allowed to carry side arms.  Now we have 39.
23. Members and leaders of the One World Government would be appointed by the Director
Secret Classified Presidential Directive 25:allows the President of the US in the event of a conflict or crisis - to transfer his power over to the Secretary General of the United Nations
24. Infiltrate into all classes - levels of society of government for the purpose of abusing and corrupting the youth members of society and keeping them believing theories and principles that we know to be false.  "Base Education Program" - shoved down our throats by UN (Consider the Song, Brick In The Wall:  "We Don't Need No Education" - the actual lyrics
(Note, they are taking out bricks in the wall and making tunnels- this is NOT Pink Floyd, the Satanic Cults are mimicking to commit crimes)
Another Brick in the Wall, Pt.2
Pink Floyd
We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone
All in all it's just another brick in the wall
All in all you're just another brick in the wall
We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave those kids alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave those kids alone
All in all you're just another brick in the wall
All in… Full lyrics on Google Play Music

25. National & International Law should be used to destroy civilization.  There is talk about the World population being decreased to 500 million.  US population being decreased to 20 million.  (Gulf War Syndrome. 700,000 American Troops went to the Gulf War. 4/5 of them today cannot even do a pushup because they are so ill- washed out of service).  In the video he shows a book:
Magick and The Theory Of Practice by Aleister Crowley (12Oct1875 - 1Dec1947) He died at 72 Some believe he may have been a spy throughout his life. 1904, he married and honeymooned in Egypt (Just like the Clintons) He obtained The Book Of Law in Egypt, and used this as a basis to form his own cult. His poetry and book authoring drew people into to the new religion he co-founded with George Cecil Jones - Thelemite.  He spent time in Algeria and was thereafter entered into another order in Germany,OTO (Order Templi Orientis)
Crowley moved to the US in WWII and took up painting.  He campaigned for the German War Effort against the British, yet Wiki claims he did this on behalf of British Secret Service.
He continued to practice Thelema. The Abby of Thelema (like the Vatican is to the Catholics) is in Sicily, Italy. The Italian government banned him from Italy in 1923. Thereafter, he spent 20 years moving from France - Germany - England
Crowley was into psychotropic drugs ( I wonder if he befriended Alexander Sasha Shugrin)
Crowley had what is known today as an "open marriage" - he was bisexual (I wonder if he knew anthropologist Malinowski)
Crowley liked to criticize society (aka, protester?  Rioter?)
The BBC listed Crowley as the 73d greatest Brit of all time (just after 9/11! I will never eat Crowley Cottage Cheese again!)
Crowley grew up in a lucrative family brewing business, Crowley's Alton Ales
Crowley's father grew up as a Quaker, yet converted to Exclusive Brethren, a Christian Fundamentalist Sect Of the Plymouth Brethren
Crowley was sent to boarding schools for elementary and highschool and described the high school admistrator (a Reverand) a sadist.  Crowley's rich father died of tongue cancer (supposedly) when he was 11.
Though Crowley claimed his father to be his life hero, he denounced the Christian religion
He became sexually permiscuous and contracted gonorrhea from a prostitute .  He lived with a Brethren tutor at Eastborn College.
Oddly, Crowley enrolled in a Moral Science curriculum at TRINITY College.  He played chess so much he became the President of the Chess Club.
He was very active in mountaineering with his friend Oscar.  (Probably bisexual)
Note, Aleister is the Galic Form of Alexander (consider Alexander Sasha Shugrin)
Crowley changed his first name because he resented being called Alik, originally coming from his mother. He changed it to Aleister, but considered the name Sandy.
He claimed his first mystical experience was when he had sex with another man - on holiday in Stockholm in Dec 1896
Crowley continued to engage in sex wth prostitutes and contracted syphilis at Cambridge (after he left Trinity).  He was president of the Footlights Drama Club.
Crowley's illness of 1897 (undisclosed) triggered his sense of immorality and he dropped the idea of pursuing politics and pusued cultism - magic - and the like.  He wrote a poem, "A Place To Bury Strangers"
Tobias Churtan and Richard Spence both believe that the British Secret Service employed Crowley while he was in Cambridge
He left Cambridge without getting a degree, despite a history of first class showings and second class honors the year before that (1897)
(This makes no sense because he he was severely ill in 1897)
Allen Bennet moved in with Aleister Crowley and they began doing drugs and "magic"
Crowley purchased a house in Scotland and became known as "Laird of Boleskine"
Acting under Mather's (Golden Dawn leader) orders, Crowley and his mistress, Elaine Simpson, tried to seize the Vault of the Adepts, a Temple in Scotland - after he obtained Adeptus Minor status in Paris since he  was rejected for the second order in Golden Dawn's London Lodge because they did not like his bisexual behavior and other activities.  Mathers and Crowley lost in court and Spence claims that was a secret intelligence plan by Crowley to undermine the popularity of Mathers.
Crowley moved to Mexico and had a Mexican mistress. Spence alludes that Crowley went there to pursue Mexican oil interests for British Intelligence (I wonder if Spence was into Satanism)
Crowley met up with Allan Bennett in Japan. Bennett decided to become a Budhist Monk.
Crowley went to India and studied the practice of raja yoga.  His companians went mountaineering but reached 20,000 feet and had to turn back. Crowley had flu, snow blindness, and malaria.
He had six children, two wives.  His second wife of 20 yrs was Hispanic
Crowley continued to be known for recklessness in drugs, sex, and with society
There is much more info on Wikipedia

One of the driving forces of Illuminati is Satanic Cult Forces today.  Crowley's writings used as a basis primarily in the US. (Note, I expect this not to be true, that he has followers or the like all over the world)
Blood is the Light
P 94, It would be unwise to condemn as irrational the practice of those savages who tear the heart and liver from adversary,and devour them while they're warm. In any case, it was the theory of the ancient magicians that any living being has a storehouse of energy bearing in quantity and quality according to the size and health of the animal and in in quality according to the size of its mental and moral character. At the death of the animal, this energy is liberated suddenly. The animal should be killed within the circle (Satanic circle) or the triangle, as the base maybe so that its energy cannot escape. An animal should be elected whose nature accords with that of the cermony. Thus, by sacrificing a female lamb, one would not be able to provide quantity useful to a magician who was invoking Mars.  In such a case, a ram would be more suitable and this ram should be a virgin. The potential - total energy should not be diminished in any way.
For the highest spiritual working, one must accordingly choose that which contains the greatest in the purest force - or male child in the purest innocence is the most highest energy force and is the most satisfactory and usable system.
"We're talking about human sacrifices" (Ted Gunderson emphasizes)
Over 3 million are practicing satanists today.  (I think this year was in in the 1990's - both music producer Anthony J.Hilder and Ted Gunderson had concluded the 1993 bombing of the WTC, when Bill Clinton was President, was a result of FBI agents' provacateurs). Sources: informants at S Central LA (3,000 satanists), Lincoln, NE (3,000) Manhattan Beach, CA (200,000), Iowa City (100,000) - calculated to be 1.5% of the population.
There are 50,000 to 60,000 human sacrifices a year!
There are 8 Satanic holidays.  Copied from Wikipedia (more detail actually on Wiki) In The Satanic Bible, Satanist Anton LaVey writes that "after one's own birthday, the two major Satanic holidays are Walpurgisnacht and Halloween (or All Hallows' Eve)". Other holidays are the two solstices and the two equinoxes. Five to six weeks after each of the solstices and equinoxes are the "legendary Satanic revels" (a reference to the cross-quarter days).[1][2]
In the First Satanic Church, an "Annual Black X-Mass Show" is also held every December, hosted by LaVey's daughter, Karla LaVey.
 Satanic book:  The Law is For ALL (this is what my Google search produced)
Satan's Advice to Young Lawyers (Amazon book)
Kindle Book:  Satan's Advice to Young Lawyers
The Experiment at Philadelphia - Did Einstein Discover God? (Below)
The Originial Inspirational Bathroom Book

Resuming notes on the lecture:

This book covers Magick, anthropology, and practices
(Note, I think of perverted anthropologist Malinowsky, look him up.Also, Amazon has a documentary about him. I forgot the name of it, and it doesn't show in my Amazon history because it was a few weeks ago.) The US Federal government recognizes the Satanic movement as a religion.
Linda's Case: she is given her husband's attorney as special public defender.  The attorney told her, "You can't mention God in your letter to your children"
666 sign represents Crowley
"All children shall be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act, also the process of birth - falsehood and mystery stupify their minds whose errors might thwart them and misdirect the growth of their subconscious or self-symbolism." 25:44 min
Preschools set up - children are exposed to sex
More jargon on sex including rape to be an initiation to a group."It's for the cause"
McMartin Case
(I would like to say that this makes me think of the horrific murder of Annie Le in New Haven, CT -  which Judge Blue - who I perceived played a game with prosecutors on the trials of the two guys who brutally killed the MOM and TWO DAUGHTERS, Petit family -- sentenced Raymond Clark to 40 years for without trial after they locked him up in prison for over a year and basically broke him down to change his plea from innocent to guilty--see, that is what they do in Connecticut.  Annie Le was brutally murdered, chopped up,yet there was no blood detected in the building.  Typical of satanists.  I bet she had little or no blood in her body.  She may have been a virgin.  This science research bulding on A a block away from the Roberta Clemente School, which was only 40 years old but Mayor DeStefano had it demolished and rebuilt, through the help of Obama money - so God only knows what was in the basement there because oddly, the principle or superintendant claimed it had to be rebuilt because of all the rats in the basement)  Media fail to admit that Annie Le was in a Maintenance tool box, chopped up - which means she most likely was killed somewhere else and returned in the tool box. Maybe she was partly eaten also, especially if she was a virgin.
notes resumed:
Children were taken into the tunnels of the school - candles, chanting.  Adults were naken under their robes.  Triflex/bathroom was exit next door. 2-4 year olds were taken out in automobiles and prostituted in the community.  Authorities received this complaint in 1983 and began their investigation.  Authorities in 1985 decided to look for the tunnel - they had been saying the children were hallucinating.  The children also said that they were taken by air into a mountainous area where they were exposed to Satanic ceremonies based on what they described and brought back intime for the parent to pick up the kids.
Authorities claim nothing was found!            
Spring 1993. McMartin School property was sold by the McMartin family - sold to a contractor - office building was proposed. Mr Gunderson contacted the contractor and asked for access. He was given 2 weeks to begin with. He hired an archeologist, Dr. Gary Stickle. It took 34 days with bulldozers.
Confirmed:  tunnels were under the school but were filled in. There is a 186 pg report. 9' wide subterranian entrance in the classroom.  The court deliberately ignored the evidence!
Actors and leading politicians in Los Angeles were pepetrators.  Avocado tree root was cut out on both sides of the entrance tunnel -one side was a live root;  the other side was a dead root. A plastic Disney bag (lunch bag) was in the debris, copywright 1982, 4 1/2' from the classroom floor.  We think they filled the tunnel in - in 1982, when the complaint was made. Somehow the Disney bag flew in there and nobody noticed it.
Mr. Ken Lanning of FBI accused me (Ted Gunderson speaking on video) of taking the 1982 Disney bag out of the trash can in 1993 and planted it. Lanning also claimed there was no organized Satanic movement in the country or government today.
Search on Ken Lanning:
https://www,>Digitation  This is "Investigator's Guide To Allegations of - National Criminal Justice Reference Service (Ken Lanning)
Resume Notes:
Tunnel proceeded South through classroom 3 & 4, 44" deep - easy for children to walk through. Adults had to stoop down but could walk through. Some built with semi-circular support - almost triangular.  Footing was arched. The arch was where the tunnel went. Four upright supports were found. Layers of plywood covered with tarpaper.  Apparently supported by cinder blocks and posts.  Evident they were hand-dug.  7' tunnel extended into the Triflex, the bathrooms, off the office and classrooms - front yard concealed from the street by a 3-car garage. Exiting tunnel - neighbors bathroom.(trap door) Children told their parents and parents didn't believe them.  This neighbor's house had a crawl space. The bathtub protruded beneath the floor of the bathroom.
(Note, I wonder if the Sandy Hook Elementary School had a tunnel)
There was just enough room for a kid to come up and be taken out through the bathroom.
A pentagram was found - satanic symbol,hand drawn by an adult
There was green paint (Adam Lanza's face at Sandy Hook - and exposed skin were painted green. They said it on the police scanner.  Media covered it up. By the way, the psychiatrist who had been treating Adam Lanza, Paul Fox, was arrested for sexual assault April 2016.  Though it is 9 months later, the only thing they have is his plea of not guilty. Case is in Danbury and most likely Kevn Russo is judge because that's the game they play in Connecticut.  Russo was a prosecutor who helped Lawrence Mark Hurley practically get off of 180 counts of embezzlement charges in just a three year investigation that the state police did because, voila, the judge in Middletown helped him get off. Poor guy had his 180 counts of embezzlement changed to one count larceny, one count forgery - by the judge. Discusting! Poor guy LOST his license but they want to help him get that back, too - after all, he probably stole millions in the 19 years he was there and there was a lot of #PaytoPlay like Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are notorious for...this shrink is definitely sloppy because he shredded the files involving Adam Lanza before they were legally destroyable.  And gee, the court should already have the files on Adam Lanza!  Oh, pardon me, Gov Dannell Malloy pulled a JFK, saying right off the bat (as what President Johnson said when Lee Harvey Oswald was murdered), "We all know who did this so there will be no investigation" - and when former Governor John Rowland broadcasted his failure to investigate and his deliberate destruction of evidence, Malloy dug up an FEC charge dating back four years using Linda Foley's agreement to a misdemeaner charge as basis of the case.  Linda Foley was not even guilty of any FEC violation.  She should have stood her ground. There is no justice in this state. You go to court and the best liar wins and if you are lucky, you win. )
Resume notes:
There was no door knob in Classroom 3. It only had a deadbolt lock.  Only had an on-off switc for a fire alarm.  More than 2,000 artifacts were found under the school, including over 100 animal bones.  We had to discontinue the process due to time constraints. (It's terrible the law enforcement failed to finish this investigation!) 34th day it was stopped.Cost for Mr. Gunderson was betweek $55K and $60K even though they had appreciated many volunteers. Mr. Gunderson put in $17K of his own money.
The video actually shows the floor plan.  He shows the entrance an advocado tree.  He shows a plate with a Satanic symbol - pentagram on it.
AF - artificial fill was used.
Diagram by archeologists
Disney bag (sandwich bag)
Arch of The Tunnel
School was built in 1966. Video shows the classroom tunnel
Crestline, CA
Resume notes:
This was an abandoned Satanic site in the mountains (children testified they were flown into the mountains)  Crestline had a landing strip
Found in Crestline:  666 on a stone, house remnants. This house was burned to the ground when this story broke out on the news.  Entrance was not visible from the street.
Picture with Judy Hanson,who was Gunderson's associate
House was located on the side of the mountain
Inside the house there remnants - flattened stones for altars, Satanic symbols,which are shown on the video for identification.
Resume notes:
A strong and powerful King - appears with 3 heads. The first like a bull. The second like a man. The third like a ram.  He has a serpent's tail, webbed feet of a goat, and he vomits fire. He rides an infernal dragon, carries lance and pennon, and is the chief of the power of Amaymon. He must be invoked to be bear-headedor otherwise he will be seen.  He gives the ring of virtues, teaches arithmatic, geometry, and other handicrafts. He answers all questions and makes men invisible. He indicates a concealed place of treasures and guards them within the domain of Amayman.
He shows another Satanic symbol from the house.
Seal of ABSOSCALE - this IS what came up when I searched on abso scale - my tablet went haywire when I clicked on this just to get the web address - and Aggressive to remove FYI
Notes Resumed:
The mighty king, next to Lucifer.  Appears in the form of a beautiful angel. Speaking with a pleasant voice, he fell amongst the superior angels who went before Michael and other heavenly angels. He distributes preferences of senatorships, causes favors of the friends and foes and gives extelient (method and order of reading) familiars. He must have offerings and sacrifices made to him. (There is much more in the book he shows but this is the part he read)
ovens were found
Large circles were found
No one was interested in the abandoned Satanic site even though it appears to be directly related to the McMartin case.
Too many prominent individuals involved.
Dr. Roland Summit, UCLA Psychologist. Also says there are 15 other preschools he knows of that have cildren talking about going down into tunnels. - I suspect this is propaganda.  "The owner of this website has banned your ip address" is what I get when I try to open
Notes Resumed:
Ted Gunderson is an ex FBI chief and whistleblower. He exposed Satanism in the CIA, exposed that terrorist attacks and 9/11 are done by our own government. Exposed chemtrails are real, exposed drug running and exposed everything really, and exposed the Illuminati.  Sure enough, this hero was killed by the Illuminati to shut him up. RIP

Lou Barra Case
This case is referred to in the Educate Yourself blog referenced at the top of this blog.  Here I the specific location:

He'd gone underground with his children. FBI raided his house, grabbed him.  Put him in jail, took the children and turned them over to his x-wife, whose boyfriend was sexually molesting them.
Ted Gunderson testified for Lou He used children's drawings.  Children's drawings aso show exposure to Satanic activity.
One picture:  totem pole with goat's head at the top
3' - 6' tall - reflects highest level of Satanism.  Mr. Gunderson flew from CA to Philly, PA to testify and the judge would not alow him.
One picture: body on a slab - even with genitals
Children who have been sexually molested will draw the genitals and especially if they were Satanic ritually molested.
Matt drew a picture of people and a fire = fire sacrifice
Giddy drew an atar - bones, fire, blood
Picture: trees, people, fire
Picture: people naked, table, knife, devil
100,000 children disappear a year - per reader's Digest July 1982
Official US Customs Report
9-10 pages long.  CIA involved with child trafficking

Case Scenario:
Group of children were seen in Talahassee in 1987.  Police were called. Police spoke to kids.
They said they were in route to a smart school.  Police raided the Metropolitan Police. Raided the finders.Raided the quarters.Found a wharehouse with parephenalia and information on trafficking childlren all over the world.
This was a CIA covert operation.
Customs Agent was called into it because of pornography
The customs agent tried to get more information (video time: 52:30)
9 a.m. - Det Bradley not available
US Customs found a passport in the van
Found proof of illegal travels
CIA turned it into a classified internal investigation matter.(secret)FBI was withdrawn from investigation.
Finders Operation began in 1960's - still operating
Article: CIA Experiements with Mind Control on Children  (MK Ultra)

Linda Weigan from Connecticut steps up.

Her children were abused by a Satanic cult. She attended a Catholic Church.
1993 - daughter tells her mom (Linda) of sexual abuse.  They were masterbating.  They pulled their pants down at the supermarket. They started having oral sex with their St. Bernard.  They inserted pens and pencils in the dog's rectum.  Behavior got worse.
She woke up one morning and there was a bread knife found with a pool of ketchup on the kitchen table.  Her son said, "Mom, this is what the children have seen and have been done to us."
 She called all over the country.  Her husband was under arrest for sodomy and oral sex with their kids. Satanic pictures - pornographic pictures. She approached the Catholic Church. They asked her if she had a psychiatric exam. She assured them she was completely sain.
On her own volition, Linda took her children to an "expert hospital". They, in turn, confiscated her house, everything she owned, from her baby pictures to her clothes. They only had the clothes on their backs.  They also took her cars. Federal PO Box, mail, income, assets - all taken. She lost everything by taking her kids to an expert on child abuse. "They were trying to stop me from what my children could disclose from being uncovered to try to just break us - we have no assets or medical attention. The children were being treated for sexual abuse."  Dr. Calls her into their office and says, "This is a classic case of SRA" - Satanic Ritual Abuse
Blood sacrifices, arms cut off an dipped in chalices with devil heads.  Group sex Children were murdered.  No one wants to acknowledge SRA.
There are other mothers asking for help.  John and Ben are 11 & 8.  25 people in the state of Connecticut have substantiated sexual abuse and the cult.  Yet the governor and no one has been acting to protect my children.  So it makes me wonder just how high this goes.
And 8-year old boy and mom were in hiding.The little boy was taken to the basement.  He was crucified alive after he was skinned.  The Satanists get a chemical high from drinking this blood because of the endomorphins released.  He was found in the basement dead, no blood, skinned alive and crucified.
(There is a gang called "The Bloods". I was told they all moved to New Jersey.  I found images of them and they were covered in tatoos and were the same size as Adam Lanza)
"I was a mom who ran a charity and baked oatmeal cookies for my kids. Because my children were victims, I have to tell these stories all day and night because Ted and I get calls from all over the country - begging for help.  The only way we can help them is to help John and Ben first.  Set the precedece.  We wll not tolerate this anymore.  Not only to our children but to our own lives and we will not tolerate this.  We must stand together.  I ask you to please especially prayer and donations and letters and help me save John and Ben and the rest of us are forming a task force to go around the country and start saving everybody else. Thank you very much."
There is a team of investigators organized in CT, many volunteering.  We have attorney fees, filing fees. Civil Rights violations were filed against the four judges: I cannot find their names. is a website this video flashes on the screen. But it refers to those who are not trustworthy or just crap.  So I am not impressed.  I will check it again. - propaganda!


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1/13/2017 - this blogger would not show today, but easily showed yesterday. So I don't get it.

Search on Zerhedge Podesta emails #34 - this is where I got this. I can't copy and paste on this computer.  It only allows one window to show and someone is messing with it right now.  Whatever.

Hillary's team admits to knowing of classified material in emails

Top Clinton staffer: Hillary and Bill "have the worst judgment"

Hillary to Colin Powell: proof of intent to hide her emails

DynCorp employees hire 15-year-old boy to strip dance for them Hillary
covers it up

Turkish President Erdogan's team donating to Democrats

Hillary needed "sobering up" at 4:30 in the afternoon

Hillary campaign trying to discredit nurses, not calling them a real

Hillary’s team: “There is no ad on earth that will increase her trust
ratings or the enthusiasm of her voters”

The Clintons are backstabbers according to close ally

"Bill Clinton Inc." How millions of dollars were raised for the
Clintons. Blurred lines between personal and Foundation money (in attachments)

CISCO paid Bill Clinton paid $255,000 for speech. Two months later,
Hillary awards CISCO the State Department’s Award for Corporate

DNC and Hillary campaign had joint account during primaries

Hillary directed her MAID to print out classified material on several

DNC gives CNN's Wolf Blitzer questions to interview Trump

DNC decides to push Russia/Trump narrative back in April

Chelsea Clinton used Clinton Foundation "charity" money for her wedding
Disney, ABC head is colluding with Hillary's campaign

Hillary's lawyer didn't want her to run because of the damning emails

Obama vetoed legislation in effort to torpedo Bernie's campaign
Obama elevated Malaysia on the human rights list JUST to let Malaysia
into TPP

"Bernie needs to be ground to a pulp" and more

More rigging of primaries back in 2014

Kadzik (DOJ official leading probe in FBI's case re-opening) gave "heads
up" to Clinton campaign on email investigation

Podesta to Cherly Mills "we are going to have to dump all those emails"

Podesta's very close friend at DOJ in charge of Huma Abedin's email

Hillary cheated in debates: DNC head Donna Brazile caught giving MORE
debate questions to Hillary

CEO of Google (parent company) working for Hillary Campaign

"...go through all the emails and pull the official ones"

SuperPAC (Correct the Record) illegally coordinating with Hillary's

Foreign relations & bribes - Qatar to Clintons - Link to Haiti!)

Qatar sponsors terrorism!

World CEOs collusion

why Russia is the dangerous to Israel

page 56 document 4 - 7th floor group / our Shadow Government

Immigration and other issues on behalf of Soros

Clinton Foundation & BigPharma collusion to keep AIDS drugs pricey

Congress Staffer leaking info to Clinton campaign about oversight

Podesta Group paying Podesta for "art"

Koch brothers involved in feud with elite democrats

DNC wants to replace the Supreme Court Justices with "young liberals"
that will stay in the position for decades

Bill Ivey former head of NE/CAP trustee discussing brainwashing

tax breaking & cover-up

training the next generation progressives

orders from mr. S."Greenberg" ->

Aliens exist and the Vatican's involved to a high degree

more UFO subject matter

Podesta confirming aliens are real?

book party at Rotschilds

Soros ties

judges should see consequences of ruling against the government

Germany & EU report on immigration tragedy

International plotting, fundaraising & agents

Obama and Clinton don't like each other

Muslims in Europe are not only jobless, but also structurally

Hillary acknowledging she knows Saudis/Qatar fund ISIS to Podesta

Gotta have Jewish connections in Congress

prepping for Congress oversight, what to say to Gowdy, mention of
Cummings' support

piloting superPACs

threats to Sanders campaign

more threats to Sanders campaign

Contributions update - Soros $2.5 M

more Soros funding talk + McCain positioning

Bill Clinton to the media

instructions from Israel about what Clinton's stance should be

Obama ordering cover up for Justin Cooper

McCain bash with Nathan Rothschild

SuperPAC ties

discussing rigged polls

Quotas in govt

100k voter collusion

Lynn Rothschild giving orders & Goldberg reference-?

Rockefeller email to Podesta & response by Soros' secretary

media control question - minor

immigrant voters

orders from Israel after Obama's re-election

CNN reported suspended from work for tweeting non-preapproved messages

Iran treaty discussion; Hillary wants sanctions and military threats –
AIPAC is a violent Zionist Israel lobby

Hillary team concerned about discussions of her Russian Uranium deal;
(good thing that none of the mainstream media organizations have
reported on it though!)

George Soros contact

Vice showcases Soros warmongering. Soros' video begins with highlighting
Russia's right wing nationalism but never suggests that steps to the
left in other countries w/o sanctions would set an example

Clinton Foundation needs to be low key in 2016

Benghazi opening statement (see attachments)

Hillary's script for the emails discussion.
Note the bit where she talks about all her security prep that her state
department does in this leaked (and possibly hacked) email.

CGI meeting with attachments

Polls are untrustworthy, middle class will go from Dem to Trump, the
rich hate Trump according to democrat advisor (see last link in this
list for more on Trump)

Podesta talking to the Rockerfellers (Lucy Rockefeller seems against
fracking and wants to curb pollution)

Hillary's staffers discuss how there exists classified emails but how
they should deny they ever existed

Hillary staffers leaking reports to the NY Post to get them published

CNN suspends reporters for having private political views, also talks
about using the "liberal media" as an entity

Debate prep book

"The sooner Hillary gets that life is not fair, the better off she will
be. I thought she understood this before this race, but apparently I was

Media collusion with Podesta getting drafts of NYT articles before
they're published

More media collusion with Podesta being aware of media preparations
before they break

More pre-published NYT articles being passed along for review
(a Rothschild is not exactly our best voice on income inequality)

dictations from Stuart Eisenstat about policies to say about Israel (HRC
later told the Likud fascists at AIPAC everything they wanted to hear).
HRC basically eating out of the palm of Israel's hand

ISIS Funded by the Saudis and Qatar

Bill Clinton is damaging for Hillary:

Discussions about reforming laws regarding Guantanamo bay (GTMO) and
torture with reference from the "National Security Team"

Hillary's stance on gay marriage appears to be one of those
"public/private" policy divides she has

short list of donor/contributors and amounts, including Soros:

General campaign strategy along with discussion of expanding
intelligence agencies

Hillary deleted some emails herself

Fake (or real) sexist job ads from "Trump"?

Lying about turning over thumb drives

Extend I.L. Voting
“The key point is that this is not an Obama ask, but a Hillary ask. And
the Clintons won't forget what their friends have done for them. It
would be helpful to feel out what path, if any, we have to get them to
yes. This will probably take some pushing.”

"Can't send it securely? fuck it, change the header."

Clinton foundation
Exceeded its original authorization from the I.R.S

CTR collusion (see attachment) Rothschild shows up

Drone chemical warfare targetted against opium, no mention of collateral
harm for farming

Clinton Foundation tied to uranium deal

Colluding with CNBC

Scripted MSNBC interview

Selecting board members for SuperPac

Vice looking to help Podesta "In any way they can", Mastromonaco is
former obama admin

Why doesn't Hillary turn the server over to a third party? (Staffers
believe the FBI will leak the emails)

Apple on security issues

GOP debate moderator privately emailing Podesta post-debate

(He also had lunch with Hillary's campaign chief 3 weeks before the

Head of Yahoo news planning pro-Hillary pieces with Podesta

Obama requesting an edit after some other info had been scrubbed

Top Secret Emails Include Drone Talk

Lynn Rothschild book signing – attachments tab

Token black guy. “put a black guy in charge but don't make any policy

CIA guy to John Podesta: not uplifting learning about problems with
foreign donations to CF, paid speeches for hire, Tony Rodham hustling
gold mining deals in Haiti

Planting stories

Democrats believe the media is biased against them (sheer paranoia)

Clinton is "hard to confront and reason with"

Vice looking to help Podesta "In any way they can"

Judges should see negative political consequences in ruling against the

Media not allowed to freely report on Clinton; she dictates the when and

Hillary feels the need to seed and coordinate chants at her rallies

Breaching of fiduciary duty to the families by communicating their
strategy to clintons and allowing it to be dictated by her exposure
since she could be implicated

Embassy falling apart after ambassador Cynthia Straum bought the
position for 1.4M

H receives questions before debate

10% of sampled emails contained classified information

Clinton Foundation newsletter

How can we screw with the subpoena?

Qatar paying off Bill Clinton

Long talk on how to bypass coordination laws to get voter lists

Washington post giving campaign advance heads up about ethics article +
covering for them

Transcript of private meeting between Hillary and BLM, "Black faces in
power doesn't make a difference" and other gems

Identified that staff stripped emails from the subpoena having to do
with any and all communication between HRC and BHO.

Super PAC collusion

Charles Adams pay to play: raise enough money and you too can be the
ambassador to Finland

Trying to come up with good spin for foundation donations from foreign

Hillary infiltrating Obama

Economy has not recovered

claim that Congressional right to overturn veto is constitutionally

Talking about Accused of Child Sex Abuse hiding

Chelsea laughed at behind her back, everyone thinks the Clintons are
back stabbers

Hillary as SoS working at Clinton Foundations with Goldman Sachs

Plans for the Supreme Court

If she does not have a podium to lean on, she keeps the talks short

Meeting with Saudi King

Hiding Email Subject Headers

Talking about UAV weapon system - Drone with sniper rifle

Roy Spence talking about hacks

**Sanders' wife begging not to support

Influence Tom Steyer

**McCain Lobbyists

**McCain More lobbyists

NH Work the polls

WJC Compensation from CGI

Tony's CFO Bank account

Roy Spence on Hillary

Calls Bernie a Fucker and supporters Freaks

"Relationship" with reporter

Playing Bernie voters

Did she even pick her own VP?